Maker Update

This summer has been filled with craft experiments, books and pool slushies. Here are a few projects I’ve done so far! The “this is a rainbow, pretend it’s not an avocado for a minute” pillow. I found a sewing book that is filled with how-to’s on making alphabet and pictures blocks. This hashtag was one…

#FamFit 060718

06.07.18 50 Squats Plank Hold (5:00 total) #FamFit workouts curated by Coach Hays. 

#FamFit 060618

06.06.18 30 towel shakes 15 bar rows 10 lunges 5 pull-ups (modify as needed) Four rounds #FamFit workouts curated by Coach Hays. 

#FamFit 060418

06.04.18   15 squats 30s plank hold series (left-side plank, plank, right-side plank) 30 jumping jacks 4 rounds #FamFit workouts curated by Coach Hays. 

#FamFit 060118

06.01.18 30 M.O.M. (Minutes of movement) #FamFit workouts curated by Coach Hays. 

#FamFit 053118

05.31.18 Walk-out to plank/10 knee to chest (5 right, 5 left) /walk back to standing 10 gorilla deadlifts Run/walk/bike around the block 4 rounds #FamFit workouts curated by Coach Hays. 

#FamFit 053018

05.30.18 15 minutes of Swings (sets of 10). Rest as needed. #FamFit workouts curated by Coach Hays.     

May Design Digs

The Home for Unwanted Girls Summer read #1 ✅ IF YOU’RE THINKING ABOUT GETTING RAY BANS, JUST DO IT. I waited years and years to get a nice pair of sunglasses because I was afraid something would happen to them. I’ve had my pair of Ray Bans for two summers and haven’t looked back. I take…

Summer ’18 Reading List

The 12 books I have lined up for my poolside reading. The Hate U Give | Angie Thomas Lilac Girls | Martha Hall Kelly The Black Echo | Michael Connelly My Absolute Darling | Gabriel Tallent A Long Walk to Water | Linda Sue Park The Home for Unwanted Girls | Joanna Goodman The Simplicity…

April Design Digs

Nike Training Club  This workout app has a ton of different workout options in it. You can choose your focus (ex: abs) or you can choose by the amount of equipment that is available to you. There are training plans you can sign up for or you can choose individual workouts to fit your needs….

08.18 Three Things Monday

Here are three things I think about on a regular basis:  How creepy is it that ships— large pieces of metal — float when you plop them in water? How equally creepy is it that airplanes — large pieces of metal — float in the air as the zoom across the sky? Sometimes science confuses…

March Design Digs

I rounded up some March digs. And it’s only 11 days into April. (That’s pretty good, right? Ha!) During the Olympics, I noticed that advertisers have started to use some pretty bomb songs as the background music for their spots. My favorite so far has been “Stronger Than I’ve Ever Been” by Kaleena Zanders. It’s…